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You don't have to hang around evangelical culture very long to realize that we don't do demons. We have a lot to say about the flesh, the sin nature, and Satan as sources of conflict and spiritual opposition; but demons are out of bounds.

Bryan Fraser

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Miracle Stories

The session allowed me to go back and address the demons that were still injecting their hooks into my life today. I was able to forgive people and myself for the sins I had committed. The “Freedom” to know that those issues are finally dealt with give me such peace and loving acceptance into the arms of our Abba Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Comforter Holy Spirit.

Most Recent Articles

An Emerging Global Movement
150 150 Brian Burke

It’s no secret that Wellsprings of Freedom International (WFI) is rapidly growing and expanding across the United States and around the world.  Each week, more and more pastors, church leaders, and missionaries are contacting us wanting to learn more about our ministry.  They are asking for our help in dealing with situations for which they…

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The Intangibles Of Team Leadership
150 150 Brian Burke

In 2017, when our Advanced Training Modules were published, I included a list of eight qualities and characteristics of effective Team Leaders. [i]  The eighth and final quality briefly mentions some of the “intangibles” of team leadership that can’t necessarily be taught in a classroom or session room. There is no doubt that God gifts…

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What To Do When Clients Won’t Communicate
150 150 Brian Burke

What do you do when a client is non-communicative or non-expressive during a session?  How do you interact with a client who is “shut down” emotionally and won’t open up with your team?  Is there anything a Team Leader can do to help clients in this “locked up” condition to receive freedom? These are very…

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