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As a new Team Leader, I recall not wanting to go to each weekly session because it seemed so nerve-racking.  While driving over the bridge from Iowa to Illinois on the way to my sessions, signifying there was now no turning back, I remember saying a lot of prayers:  “Jesus, I don’t want to do this, but I know I have to because You called me to do it.  Jesus, I know that in ___ months, I will feel comfortable doing this. Please don’t let ___ be too many months.  Jesus, please help me.”

I felt nervous and uncomfortable, because the spiritual realm was new to me and the Wellsprings ministry was very different than anything else in which I had previously been involved.  Although Team Leaders are trained through an excellent, documented, and well-defined process, there are still so many unpredictable things that occur in each session and there just isn’t a way around this unpredictability.

It is very natural to feel some discomfort as a new Team Leader.  But the following five key thoughts may help reduce this discomfort:

  1. Jesus always equips us with what we need to fulfill His requests of us.  Jesus wouldn’t call you to team leadership for you to fail.  He called you because He has gifted you with everything that is needed to lead!  Hebrews 13:21 promises that He will equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him.
  2. Remember back to a time that you started a new job.  Did you know everything the first day?  Of course not!  No one expected you to know everything.  You aren’t expected to know everything as a new Team Leader either.  It took time to become acclimated to your new job.  Why should team leadership be any different?  You need time to practice the process.  Ask questions and practice more!
  3. The freedom sessions are 100% God’s sessions.  We are just His vessels to help Him set His children free.  It is prideful to think anything but that.  Jesus orchestrated the team He gathered together and cares about every detail.  He equipped the team with the exact gifts and skills to accomplish His will.  Jesus knows what is needed and He brought the client there for a reason.  So rely on your wisdom and knowledge and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide you and the team.
  4. Be yourself and don’t try to be like another leader.  All Team Leaders are to use the Wellsprings methodology, but there is so much room for a Team Leader to use their unique gifts and personalities in sessions.  At first, I felt intimidated by Brian Burke’s prayers.  My prayers felt like “baby prayers” compared to his.  But one night during a session, I prayed to Jesus for help using a “baby prayer” and Jesus helped!  It dawned on me that the spiritual realm reacts to “baby prayers” just as well as eloquent prayers!  That helped me realize that I really just needed to be myself and use my unique gifts and experiences.
  5. Even the most gifted, seasoned leaders have difficult sessions.  There are many reasons why a session may be difficult, and those reasons are found in the book “With Gentle Authority.”  Don’t beat yourself up when you experience hard sessions.  Instead, trust the words from God that I received in a “love letter,” which I believe apply to all Team Leaders.  The letter said, “When you serve and partner with Me, this touches my heart.  No matter what happens, because you are faithful to Me.  I see you as an amazing success!”

As you step into team leadership, be comforted knowing the uneasiness you are feeling as a new Team Leader will lessen with each freedom session and will eventually subside.  Give yourself TIME and GRACE, and remember the reason you felt called to be a Team Leader.  Before you know it, you will be able to sigh with relief as you reflect back and see the growth both in your leadership skills and in your confidence level.


Stacy Cruise

Stacy Cruise currently serves as a Team Leader at Wellsprings of Freedom International in Rock Island, IL. Stacy attends Heritage Church in Bettendorf, IA and has 3 children.

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